BachWerkVocal Mitwirkende

It’s done!

Heidemarie Klabacher, reporting for, has written a nice review and critic about the first performance of BachVerkVocal on April 26th 2015. Here are some quotes (translated from the German original):

27/04/15 Interestedly and very curiously one entered the protestant Christuskirche on Sunday (26.4.) – and with inspired happiness left it a little shy of one and a half hours later. A cyclical performance of the whole Bach vocal works over the course of the next years? This more than ambitious endeavour of the new diocesan cantor Gordon Safari started off convincingly.
Under the precise direction of Gordon Safari and on the basis of the musically flexible Continuo of the Ensemble B@roqueB@nd, the vocalists could display their respective parts and solo arias virtuosically and at the same time, as homogeneous as a choral piece requires, merge smoothly with each other.
A promising start for this ambitious project. At the end, the choir, the ensemble and the conductor enchanted the crowd even a little more by swingingly and floatingly playing “Jesus bleibet meine Freude” from BWV 147 – and got everybody hooked with the invitation to sing the closing chorales together with the ensemble next time.

You can read the original article here (German)!