Ensemble BachWerkVokal

In April 2015 Gordon Safari founded the Ensemble BachWerkVokal Salzburg, which defines its central artistic reference point in the vocal works of Johann Sebastian Bach. Within a very short period of time BachWerkVokal has grown to a renowned ensemble for historical performance in Salzburg and in Austria. Since that time there have been regular invitations to Germany, Austria and Switzerland. BachWerkVokal maintains its own concert series in the Christuskirche Salzburg.

Kammeroper Salzburg

In 2020 – in the middle of the corona crisis – a few artists decided to collaborate and create musical theatre outside the established houses in Salzburg. The use of new media and digitality charcterize the aesthetics of the productions of the Kammeroper Salzburg. In the city of Mozart they act as a thinktank for progressive concepts and as a platform for the opera repertoire of the 20th and the 21st centuries. With the production of “Tag 47” the team at Kammeroper Salzburg developed the genre of “Digital Opera”, which once again attracted international attention with the recent production “Im WESTEN NICHTS NEUES. IM SÜDEN ABER AUCH NICHT.”, with which they continued to develop their concept.

Duo Vinzens – Safari

For many years Gordon Safari and the cellist Hannah Vinzens have worked closely together. Since 2017 they have played concerts as the Duo Vinzens Safari, with their instruments violoncello and organ. It is a special concern of the two musicians to make the repertoire for this unusual chamber music pairing known, and to publish original repertoire, which so far has been unaccessible, by means of sheet music editions and recordings for the public and musicians alike. Most recently, the duo has made a first-recording of the complete works for violoncello and organ by Oskar Wermann (1840 – 1906). The CD debut of the duo with 10 world first recordings will be published with the label MDG in 2021.